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Landworkers' Alliance : More Farmers, Better Food

The Landworkers Alliance is a grassroots union of farmers, growers and land-based workers from across the whole of the U.K. We are a member led organisation campaigning for the rights of small-scale producers and a better food system for everyone.
Why are we raising funds for our campaign 'More Farmers, Better Food'? 
In the spring of 2018 the future of our farming system is going to be decided in a new post-Brexit Agriculture Policy. This will define the future of agriculture in the U.K. It is the most significant moment in generations and it is absolutely urgent that we ensure we have a place at the decision making tables. 
Now, more than ever, the Landworkers’ Alliance need to use all the energy and resources we have to influence this policy making process and make sure our voices are heard, our livelihoods defended and that a fair food system for all is guaranteed. In order to make this happen we need your help. 
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