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Catalyzing worker co-ops & the solidarity economy

Harnessing the Cooperative Model to Create Quality Jobs for Aging Workers

“The cooperative provides long-term security for me and is meeting such a vital community need,” says Rosen. “I don’t need to be rich, but to go out for a slice of pie or buy a new outfit once in a while, that’s nice. We’re moving toward a livable wage now. I don’t worry as much.”

The opportunity to collaborate with others in her new career is a bonus. “As a co-owner, this is my business, too,” she says. “It’s a challenge, sure, to be a caregiver by day and a member of a co-op with its additional responsibilities. It requires that you have generosity of spirit to invest.”

Rosen envisions providing hands-on care to clients for another five years, and then she’d like to transition into training newcomers to the field.

“My hair is gray; I’m becoming a crone in this society,” she says. “Working with the cooperative has renewed my faith in my own abilities and skills.”

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