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Former Tamale House Staffers Are Opening a Taco Restaurant Co-Op

Our Taco House Co-op is seeking to become what might very well be Austin’s first cooperatively owned and run taco restaurant, courtesy of former Tex-Mex institution Tamale House #3 employees Shirley Trevino and Raquel Banda.

Trevino and Banda worked for the iconic Tamale House under beloved owner Robert "Bobby" Vasquez, who died in 2014. The restaurant closed soon after his death, and they turned to each other and asked, “‘What are we going to do?’” Trevino recounted.

After learning about vegan cooperative bakery Red Rabbit (which closed in 2015), they were inspired: “We could create the first worker-owned Tex-Mex cooperative in Austin,” Trevino said. Plus, “being worker-owners [as] minority women stood us out.”

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