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Documenting the Cooperative Innovations of Rojava and Bakur

The co-operative movement in Rojava (the democratic, autonomous region in the north of Syria) and Bakur (the mostly-Kurdish region which lies within Turkey’s borders) is growing. Here, co-operatives are seen as an integral part of democracy – and vital to the development and integration of different parts of society. But very little of what is happening with co-ops in the region is written down – what is, is dispersed, and only a small amount of it is in English. Now two organisations are working to change this.

The Institute for Solidarity Economics (ISE) and Corporate Watch have launched a website – – to provide an English language information resource for the co-operative and solidarity economy movements involved and interested in Rojava and Bakur. The aim is to create an open space where articles and case studies about co-operatives and the wider co-op economy in each area can be collected, making it easier for people to understand and learn about the alternative economic changes happening in the regions. As well as articles that have been published in English, there are ongoing translations from Turkish, Kurmanji, German, Spanish and Arabic.

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