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The Digital Cooperative Report 2014

Part 1: The digital revolution

As people-centred organisations, co-operatives should be pioneers in the digital revolution. How has digital changed businesses over the past decade, plus what does it mean for co-operatives?

The first part of this report looks at the rise of digital technology, how it is transforming the way people live and what this means for businesses. The focus is on the rise and impact of three key areas of development: social media, mobile and digital consumers and big data.

Analysis shows that social media is changing people’s recreation time and giving them a voice; mobile devices and online platforms are altering what people expect from businesses; and big data is giving organisations the opportunity to understand and fully engage with their stakeholders – be that members or customers. Like the other companies, co-operatives have to embrace the digital revolution. It is not a question of whether to go digital, but how to identify the best digital strategy for the business – in fact, it is arguably a question of co-operatives developing a digital culture.

Part 2: How are co-operatives adapting?

How, then, are co-operatives adapting to the digital revolution? Part two of this study looks in detail at how co-operatives are using digital tools. Based on an online questionnaire answered by co-operatives across the world, and in-depth interviews with leaders in a range of co-operative business sectors, we uncover how co-operatives are using digital tools, and make comparisons with non-co-operative competitors.

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