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Catalyzing worker co-ops & the solidarity economy

Deer Cooperatives Catching on in Oklahoma

[I]t’s difficult to get big bucks roaming your land if your neighbors keep shooting the deer when they are young.

So seven years ago, Herje started writing emails, making phone calls and knocking on the doors of every land owner and hunting lease holder near him. His idea was to have everybody with adjoining properties manage the deer herd with the same goals.

He proposed that everyone would refrain from shooting young bucks (except for kids and first-time deer hunters) and only harvest mature whitetails. They would also attempt to keep a balanced buck-doe ratio in the herd by harvesting more does.

In the beginning, Herje was able to persuade only two of his neighbors to join his deer cooperative. Together, they began managing the deer the same way on their combined 1,700 acres.

Over the years, more people came onboard. Now, Herje’s deer cooperative has grown to 20 members and totals 10,000 acres.

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