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Debating the big issues for the US co-operative movement

A gathering of US co-operatives discussed how to address two major strategic issues for the movement at the International Summit of Cooperatives.

The session was organised by NCBA CLUSA (National Cooperative Business Association – Cooperative League of the USA), the representative body for co-ops in the US. It built on a meeting at the organisation’s annual conference in September, at which members debated how they could implement the International Co-operative Alliance’s Blueprint for a Co-operative Decade – a document that sets out a strategy to make co-operatives the fastest growing business model in the world by 2020.

“The Blueprint for a Co-operative Decade has been a great framework,” said Michael Beall, NCBA CLUSA chief executive. “We’ve been using it to start to frame NCBA’s strategic plan.”

The focus of the discussion was on two areas NCBA CLUSA identifies as critical for co-operatives in the United States: the legislative frameworks within which co-operatives operate; and co-operative education.

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