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Catalyzing worker co-ops & the solidarity economy

Dancing Rabbit Ecovillage: A Sustainable, Alternative Community

Tony Sirna, Co-founder of Dancing Rabbit Ecovillage in northeast Missouri visits urban ecovillage, PLACE, for a presentation on ecovillages. Dancing Rabbit Ecovillage, now 16 years old (as of Jan 2014) grows much of their own food, preserves food for the winter, is mostly energy self-sustaining, has created a walkable village, green building using local materials, uses car sharing, has their own internal currency, has a school for their kids, offers internships & workshops, and more, and yet live comfortably, are Internet connected, etc. A longer version of this presentation given in 2013 is also available on this YouTube channel.


Videography by Jai Jai Noire of Mighty Small Films.

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