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Craft beer booming in KW as another brewery set to open

It has been a long two years, but the collaborating team behind the brewery Together We're Bitter is excited to finally be opening near downtown Kitchener.

"It has been forever," Culum Canally, one of six co-owners of TWB, said in an interview with CBC News.

In September, they found a 1,500 sq. ft. building to turn into the brewery, the former Eco Coffee Roaster building at 300 Mill Street. In January, they had all their licenses in place.

But they are waiting until Feb. 10 to open to ensure they have enough beer in the tanks, Canally said. They are very aware of embarrassing stories involving other local breweries that opened but then sold out within days, forcing them to close until they had more beer available.

Canally said they wanted to avoid that and, he said, their supporters seem willing to wait a few more days to ensure stability.

From finding co-owners in the co-operative brewery, to a crowdfunding campaign to buy a fermenter, to shifting the planned opening day, Canally said people who were excited when the brewery was first announced two years ago have continued to support their journey. 

"We've been pleasantly surprised that our community that's been following us and supporting us has not gotten as weary as we thought they would get at hearing the same refrain that we're still looking for a location and going to open," he said.

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