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Cotivation Helps Freelancers Succeed Through Mutual Accountability

In late-2012, Tony Bacigalupo, cofounder of the recently closed New Work City, observed that people were coming into the coworking space, working, and going home without much interaction. Business was slow, the community was lacking zing, and attempts to engage members weren’t working. Bacigalupo needed to create a new way to attract and engage members. Shortly thereafter he launched Cotivation—a simple accountability group that gathers at the beginning of the year to set goals and help members meet them.

“It was a ‘keep your new years resolution’ sort of thing,” he says.

The first Cotivation group was a hit, with participants forming deep bonds and leading a cultural revitalization in the space.

“Friendships were formed,” says Bacigalupo, “people hired each other to work on things, and a lot of other good connections ended up coming out of it as the group's influence extended into the rest of the community.”

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