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Communitere Is Bringing The Tools For Renewal To Nepal

When catastrophic disaster strikes anywhere in the world, the affected community faces many challenges in rebuilding their lives, homes and communities. But when disaster strikes in a developing country, the challenges are compounded by a lack of access to the tools, space and resources needed to begin rebuilding.

For more than a decade, Communitere International and its supporters have been addressing these challenges in post disaster zones including Thailand, Peru, Cuba, Haiti, the Philippines and, most recently, Nepal. By building Resource Centers in the heart of the affected community, Communitere provides collaborative hubs that make a powerful impact by giving individuals and organizations the resources, processes and tools needed to recover and rebuild.

Communitere is currently building the Nepal Resource Center and Innovation Hub in Kathmandu. Armed with long experience from their thriving Makerspaces in Haiti and the Philippines, Communitere has worked with the local community in Nepal to design a Resource Center that fulfills their specific needs and addresses the gaps in equipment, tools, training and space in their community

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