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Commons Video Contest!

Want to communicate commons research to a wider audience and try your hand at video production? Now’s your chance! You are invited to take part in the IASC Commons Video Contest!


The aim is to produce a video up-to-three minutes long to communicate commons research with the general public. Your video can include scenes of you or others out in the commons but can also contain cartoons, animations or music videos – you name it! You can address traditional commons like forests, water and fisheries, but also more recent applications such as digital commons, urban commons or cultural commons. As long as you’re explaining concepts on the governance of the commons from a broader perspective than Hardin’s “tragedy of the commons” in a language suitable for a general audience, you can be as creative as you like. Note that you do not even have to discuss Hardin, but focus on the work of other scholars in the commons literature. The contest is open to anyone, and we are welcome contributions from high school classes, NGOs, commons scholars etc.

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