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Catalyzing worker co-ops & the solidarity economy

The Co-Optimist: The Dream of Uniting Canada's Game Industry

Whether it’s fighting to get a better deal on tax credits or negotiating for health insurance, smaller studios have endless challenges to overcome. And if it’s your first time tackling these kinds of issues, you may not know where to start.

This is why, along with the founders of four other studios (Borealys Games, Sauropod Studio, Affordance Studio, Momentum) and his co-founders at Spearhead Games, Atul Mehra is creating La Guilde.

“A lot of these burning issues were coming out, so what we decided was to poke the world around Montreal and see if people would be interested in having a co-op,” said Mehra. And the response, at least initially, has been overwhelming. Like Up North Indies, the idea for La Guilde only began to germinate in early 2015. Yet, when I spoke with Mehra in mid-June, he said there were already 57 different studios that expressed an interest in joining. Since that time, they’ve even had their first Annual General Meeting, whereat 58 different studios — including Minority Media (Papo & Yo), Kitfox Games (Moon Hunters), and Tribute Games (Mercenary Kings) — formally became members of La Guilde. Mehra believes it will only grow from there.

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