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Bargaining Continues for Co-op & UFCW Local 1400

After days of picketing, the Moose Jaw Co-op went back to the bargaining table with its union UFCW local 1400 recently. An offer was made but an agreement couldn't be reached.


Tuesday afternoon Rod Gillies, Director of Negotiating for the union that represents Co-op employees released more information regarding the rejection and when the two sides will meet again. 

"The result was the majority of the membership voted to reject the employers offer and October 19th has been confirmed for the next bargaining session and we've advised the employer that we would make ourselves available anytime if their calendars opened up and an earlier date could be found."

He said the union also believes that there is discrimination when it comes to pay between men and women, and it's because of the way things are set up.

"Presenting because of the way in which the second tier has been set up. 78% of employees on this lower wage grid are women. This isn't surprising when the employers has set up the second tier which seems to target 6 classifications out of 23 classifications and the 6 classifications are 82% female dominated," said Gillies. "The rhetorical question that I have is, 'is the Co-op actually trying to find the lowest common denominator for wages?' This question is being asked in light of these employees, unlike the competitors industries, are actually the owners of Co-op as well as the rest of the membership in the community."

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