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Bangla-Pesa Holds Renewal Event and Retreat After 2+ Years

September marked the first official renewal event for Bangla-Pesa after more than 2+ years in circulation (Starting in May 2013). The event featured the neighboring community's Ng'ombeni-Pesa, several local politicians, the Chief's office, children's choir, several schools and members. New Bangla-Pesa was printed in Germany (with the support of Stichting DOEN), with a new expiration date of December 2016.

At the renewal event each active member could return up to 400 expired Bangla-Pesa to be exchanged Bangla-Pesa with new designs and dates. The sum of 400 minus the amount they exchange goes directly into the community fund, to award those members who were able to collect 400 before the event and top back up the community fund. Over 8,000 Bangla-Pesa was exchanged at the event and we expect much more over the next week. Also presented was a new user guide and a Business Directory for members of the network.

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