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Apply for Howard Bowers Fund Grants by Jan. 15th

Washington, DC - The Cooperative Development Foundation (CDF) recently approved $17,250 in Howard Bowers Fund grants to support training for cooperative boards, management, and staff.  Grants were made to:

  • Placerville Natural Foods Cooperative of Placerville, CA received $3000 for its board and general manager to participate in the year-long CDS Consulting Cooperative's Cooperative Board Leadership Development program.
  • Spiral Natural Foods Cooperative of Hasting, MN received $3000 for board training.
  • Sitka Food Co-op of Sitka, AK received $1000 for training to help the board transition from a buying club to a retail food cooperative.
  • Ypsilanti Food Cooperative of Ypsilanti, MI received $3000 to support staff development.
  • Indiana Cooperative Development Center in Indianapolis, IN received $5000 for its regional conference for start-up and newly opened food cooperatives, "Up and Coming, Up and Running."

About the Howard Bowers Fund

Howard Bowers dedicated his life to the consumer cooperative movement.  In his five-decade career, he worked for cooperatives throughout the Midwest, mentored hundreds of food cooperators, and was in large part responsible for reviving the Consumer Cooperative Management Association.  Since its establishment in 1993, Bowers Fund has made over $350,000 in grants to support the food co-op sector.  While contributions are raised through events at CCMA and other fundraising events, anyone can contribute at any time!

The Bowers Fund is accepting grant applications until January 15, 2015 from startups and cooperatives in operation less than a year.  Grants in the range of $1000 are typical in this round of grant making.

Download the Grant Application


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