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Apply to Host a DAWN Intern at Your Cooperative


The Democracy at Work Network (DAWN) peer advisor training program is starting its sixth year!  We again have a fantastic group of experienced worker-owners from around the country. Part of their training will be an internship where they can practice providing peer advice in a real-life setting.

Does your cooperative have a project that could benefit from a knowledgeable intern who is familiar with worker cooperatives?  Let us know by May 8th. 

Your intern

  • can work remotely or in person
  • Will be matched to your request dependent on their skills
  • will have a mentor advising them as they go
  • needs to work 30 to 40 hours on the project throughout the year

Some possibilities for projects include

  • Researching ways to improve accountability in your cooperative
  • Developing an orientation training process for new worker-owners
  • Administering the Coop Index to assess your cooperative’s organizational maturity
  • Helping with strategic planning or a market study
  • Helping you prepare to take out a loan
  • Consult on practical issues of setting up a bilingual workplace, or a remote workplace, or a shift/workflow system.
  • Other requests that are not listed above...

If you are interested let us know by the end of Friday May 8th by sending a description of the project you have in mind in a few paragraphs.  We'll match the DAWN advisors interests with the projects and get back to you.  DAWN apprentices will choose their projects based on your description, so make it good!  Internships would begin as early as June. 

Send your project description to Joe Marraffino, who is supporting this years' DAWN training, at

Include the following information: 

  • Your cooperative's name
  • The best person to contact about the project
  • Email and phone number
  • A description of the project

Thanks for helping the Democracy at Work Network and creating leadership development opportunities in our movement!

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