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Activists Take End-the-Blockade Message to Washington, DC: Show Solidarity with Cuba

Last week’s highly successful third annual Days of Action Against the Blockade in Washington, D.C., has helped “raise new awareness about the damaging impact the failed 56-year U.S. blockade of Cuba has had on the health not only of Cubans but also of Americans,” says Alicia Jrapko, the U.S. coordinator of the International Committee for Peace, Justice and Dignity, which organized the events.

It wasn’t easy. Although the U.S. government did ultimately grant visas so Cuban guests could travel to Washington to participate (the U.S. government has often previously denied such visas, or granted them after events), Hurricane Irma then played havoc with their travel schedules. Organizers were forced to scramble, rearranging flights and accommodation several times before the delegation finally landed in Washington – via Los Angeles – in time to take part in the jam-packed week of activities.

Read the rest at The International Committee for Peace, Justice, and Dignity for the Peoples


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