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Catalyzing worker co-ops & the solidarity economy

Reflections on TESA's Acheivements in 2020

TESA has been supporting the Compost Co-op since 2015, which is a worker-owned business that provides composting services in Massachusetts. 2020 proved to be a pivotal year for the cooperative. After years of struggling with member’s housing insecurity, the Compost Co-op took matters into their own hands, and purchased a building in partnership with a local design co-op. Together, they will cooperatively manage the building, which will be remodeled to provide affordable housing to Compost Co-op members as well as their wider community. TESA worked closely with these co-ops throughout the process, providing trainings and other support. The goal is for this property to be part of a larger, regional Permanent Real Estate Cooperative focused on taking property out of the speculative market and making it available to those who have been historically marginalized in housing and property ownership. More on this effort in 2021!

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