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Catalyzing worker co-ops & the solidarity economy

NYC's Solidarity Economy: Lessons and Challenges

Lauren Hudson is a recent Ph.D in earth and environmental sciences at the City University of New York-Graduate Center. Her dissertation, "Defining 'Movement Space' in New York City's Solidarity Economy," is an ethnographic project about women who engage in collective forms of labor throughout the city. Using both interviews and sketch maps from participants, her research asks how in doing such work - which includes cooperative finance, community gardens, and food cooperatives - women are redrawing the boundaries of the city and creating a movement geography based on collective values.

Lauren is also a peer educator with the Cooperative Economics Alliance of New York, an organization that she and other collective members of SolidarityNYC, a solidarity economy advocacy organization, co-founded. She is a lecturer with ThinkOlio, were she teaches subjects related to feminist urban geography, and an adjunct lecturer at John Jay College. She lives in Brooklyn.

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