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Mobile Home Park Residents Seek to Become Their Own Landlord

When Colorado lawmakers recently turned their attention to mobile home parks for the first time in decades, one particular bill inspired some residents to start thinking big — beyond the chronic battles with park owners over rising rents and questionable evictions.

A new provision in the Mobile Home Park Act, which went into effect in June, gives residents the opportunity to purchase the property where they’ve parked their trailers — permanently, for the most part — and start calling their own shots as a cooperative. And now, some are seizing that opportunity, banding together and taking steps toward purchases aimed at preserving a lifestyle that represents the state’s largest nonsubsidized affordable housing option for more than 100,000 Coloradans.

But a process that in the best cases can be difficult is even more fraught in the age of coronavirus, when many residents’ economic health has been compromised as the need to secure housing certainty looms even more critical.

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