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Catalyzing worker co-ops & the solidarity economy

Kamdhenu dairy cooperative leads to empowerment of women

Although women across the nation bear the brunt of household and agriculture work, they are still sidelined due to limited representation in decision-making and minimal interactions with markets. Kamdhenu Cooperative, through its well laid principles of self-reliance for women, has been a major contributor to empowering women.

An interesting fact about the cooperative is that, till now the cooperative has not taken a single loan or grant from any agency. The entire operation depends on equity collected from its members. The cooperative, apart from generating profits, has accumulated immense social capital.

The cooperative’s operations have generated local employment for local youth and members with high patronage. For example, members are employed on an incentive basis for procurement of milk at the collection center. It is also breaking other boundaries.

“It was difficult for people of SC community to become a part of village groups. After the formation of collectives, there has been a reduction in discrimination on the basis of caste,” said Phoolvanti Devi of Futsil village. “Also earlier, men used control household expenses. Now we have gained complete freedom over spending and savings.”

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