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Catalyzing worker co-ops & the solidarity economy

Tired of Big Tech, Co-ops Appeal to Delivery Workers Burned by Gigs

Gig workers lack basic employee benefits such as a guaranteed minimum wage, overtime pay, workers’ compensation and unemployment insurance. And Proposition 22, which California voters recently passed after a historic spending campaign by gig companies, creates a new sub-employee category for those workers, codifying the lack of protections.

In the Bay Area, most restaurants are now using one of these three platforms to deliver their food to customers. But there are a small number of venues that have chosen to go with a local delivery option, one with a completely different ownership structure.

That service is called the Candlestick Courier Collective (CCC). And it was started not by eager web entrepreneurs with infusions of venture funding, but by people from the Bay Area's punk and fixed-gear bike scene who aspire to create a full-fledged co-op in which every rider has a share of ownership.

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