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Mobile phone cooperative takes on the big guns

Neibo is a mobile phone cooperative, launched in Brussels in October 2018, which has just offered its first subscriptions. According to Neibo, around 500 of its 2,300 members have taken up a subscription, which is a discreet but solid start to life among the big names. Neibo's services are currently in the testing phase, and the cooperative hopes to go beyond its members and attract 12,000 subscribers within 18 months.

As a virtual operator or MVNO (Mobile Virtual Network Operator), one which therefore operates without antennas or technical facilities, Neibo is trying to make its own space in a market where around 30 competitors have already been established in Belgium since 2010. Not all, however, have survived. These MVNOs, who dich not have technical infrastructure but rent those of the major historical operators, network operators such as Proximus, Orange or Telenet/Base, tend to struggle, go out of business, or get swallowed up by the large media groups. Neibo has already chosen to work with Orange, with the emphasis on ‘with’.

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