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GCAS: The Cooperatively Owned College

This week I spoke to Creston Davis, founder of the Global Center of Advanced Studies (@GCASCollege), the first cooperatively run college using their own ethereum-enabled token (called GCASY) that represents shares in the college that can be used for paying for tuition and other expenses. Many well-known academics are a part of GCAS, including Alain Badiou and they’ve hosted seminars from the likes of Noam ChomskyRichard Wolff, and Chris Hedges.

During the interview we talk about how a conversation with Slavoj Zizek motivated Creston to start the “modern day Frankfurt School” that doesn’t require students to go into debt, what it’s like to be a student at the university (they offer bachelors, masters, and PhD degrees), and how GCAS’s progressive model can reproduce itself in other ways similar to how universities in the age of neoliberalism have socially reproduced themselves into the economy.

Listen to the interview on The Blockchain Socialist


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