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Catalyzing worker co-ops & the solidarity economy

Grupo Ausolan and Women's Empowerment

Established as a worker cooperative in the 1960s in the Basque Region of Spain, Grupo Ausolan began with a group of 17 women looking for economic independence and personal development. 

Being a woman in the 60s in Spain was very challenging when it came to social, economic, and political rights. During those times, women were only allowed to work exclusively until before they got married, which, soon after, society expected them to quit their jobs, to focus on their lives as housewives.  

This is how in 1969, a group of 17 women, with the support of the local young priest Father José María Arizmendiarreta, founder of Mondragon Corporation, defied all odds and managed to establish Grupo Ausolan, a project born to bring together the work capacity of the female collective led by women ahead of their time. Women that wanted to go back to work after being married, because they believed they should not have one or the other, but both. 

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