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Inter-Cooperative Council Fundraiser

 The Inter-Cooperative Council (ICC) at the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor, one of the largest and longest standing student housing co-ops in North America, was founded during the era of the Great Depression with the idea that there is strength in numbers and cooperation. It all started with one house in 1932 where the members voluntarily pooled their resources to afford the housing costs and buy food together. Today, the ICC Co-ops own 16 different houses that are home to over 500 members including students and young professionals, who could not afford food or housing in Ann Arbor otherwise. We all work together with the common goals of affordability, sustainability, social equality, community, and cooperation.

But with the recent struggles of the pandemic, many members are struggling to pay charges and contribute to their cooperative communities.

As a student-run and owned non-profit organization, the ICC strives to maintain affordability by charging members at low rates roughly 20% below the Ann Arbor housing market. When COVID-19 hit the United States, many of the students found themselves losing their jobs and source of income  to pay their charges due to being ineligible for financial assistance from the government. The ICC Co-ops have decided to not charge late fees during this time period. Despite this, many members are still struggling with anxiety surrounding a high balance accumulating and we, as a community, want to do everything we can to help our members. Because of this, we are trying everything we can to keep our members safe within the homes and ease the burden of charges during this time. 

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