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Catalyzing worker co-ops & the solidarity economy

Democratic by Design

We are at a historic juncture. If we can secure a transformative and green recovery from Covid-19, the crisis could prove a watershed moment - a break from an unsustainable present and unjust past towards a reparative future anchored in a purposeful, inclusive economy. But there is no guarantee the Covid-19 conjuncture will not be resolved on terms that accelerate the conditions of the crisis. The path we take will depend on the actions we now take. 

The public health crisis has further revealed the distressed state of our local economies, following decades of deliberate neglect, outsourcing, and relative economic decline for too many places and communities. At the same time, this crisis has underscored the importance of community. As we ready ourselves to reconstruct our economy, we must strive to make the recovery the starting point for a new birth of community across the UK: we must enter a new era of Community Wealth Building that grows economic democracy from the ground up – supported by a democratised state. 

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