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Affordable Housing and Co-Op Sustainability

To support our mission and ensure the stability of the business, The Compost Co-operative is establishing a housing co-operative to create housing security for our members. In the two and a half years we’ve been in business, only one in ten of our formerly incarcerated apprentice worker-owners has had access to safe, affordable housing. People coming out of jail require housing that is safe and secure; without it, risk of re-incarceration greatly increases. Covid-19 has amplified the marginalization of a group of people who already face legal discrimination and exploitation. As part of a larger effort to create a cooperative ecosystem that empowers and supports our members, and those who face barriers to ownership in work and in housing, the Compost Co-op has a goal of purchasing by the end of 2020 a multi-unit building that would provide affordable housing for our members--and are seeking your support to make that happen.

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