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Catalyzing worker co-ops & the solidarity economy

Sharing our Guiding Documents

We are sharing our guiding documents for anyone interested in learning more about Sassafras, co-ops, or both. These include our Bylaws, Code of Conduct, Cultural Values and Practices, Basic Worker Expectations, Harassment and Bullying Policy, and Conflict Resolution Policy. Below is our Bylaws, which range from our vision to the nuts and bolts of keeping a small business running.


We are a worker cooperative that builds technology in service of global justice movements. We build relationships and technology to move us away from patterns of oppression and towards humanity and cooperation. We are a bright star in a constellation of sustainable, just, anti-oppressive tech workplaces. We catalyse new, visionary technology that expands spaces for movements and people in them to dream, collaborate, build power, heal, and experience joy.

Read the rest at Sassafras

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