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MEC Members Bypassed in Sale of Assets to U.S. Firm

On Monday September 14, news broke that Mountain Equipment Co-op’s board of directors had unanimously approved a deal to sell MEC’s assets to a private U.S. firm.  MEC never asked its members (more than 5 million) to weigh in.

What happened to Co-operative Principle #2 – Democratic Member Control?

In this episode, we dig into the background stories and asked these important questions:

  • How did Mountain Equipment Co-op get started?
  • Where is the accountability? The board? Management? 
  • What’s changed over the last 10 years?
  • What can be done legally to stop the sale?
  • What is the effect on Canada’s co-op sector?
  • How are members taking action?

Have a listen.

Listen to the episode at Each For All


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