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How two consulting co-operatives embrace “Millennial values”

More than Gen X-ers or Boomers, Millennials prioritize lifestyle and jobs that provide a good work/life balance. And far up the Pacific coast, near the southern tip of the Alaskan Panhandle, members of a consulting co-op in Haida Gwaii put lifestyle, collaboration, and independence first. 

The unceded islands of the Haida Nation are home to around 5,000 people, and also to some of the most vibrant — and remote — landscapes in British Columbia. Accessible only by plane, or an eight-hour ferry ride from Prince Rupert, life is different on the islands. 

“There is a spirit of independence on Haida Gwaii and I have always loved that,” said Lindsay Seegmiller, co-founder of Co+Host Collective Co-operative. “‘Whether it’s energy sovereignty or food security, there is an attitude of ‘We can figure this out for ourselves and our community’.”

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