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Catalyzing worker co-ops & the solidarity economy

Health Autonomy Beyond the Pandemic

August 24, 2020

This issue will explore the possibilities of mutual aid efforts as it relates to our health and wellness. While we understand a lot of health information is specialized for good reason, we cannot settle that our health is completely out of our hands. We will explore these kinds of questions: How can we create community health systems that center the intelligence of community remedies in a safe and responsible way? What resources would a community need to feel supported in creating neighborhood health systems? What types of cooperative and related structures could best meet these goals?  What can cooperatives learn from mutual aid initiatives? What examples are there of communities who have done this work? If they are still operating, what is the key? And if not, what was their downfall?  

Health Autonomy Beyond the Pandemic: An Introduction

Health Autonomy Beyond the Pandemic, Webinar with Knoxville Community Apothecary, Ujimaa Medics, and Community Pharmacy

What could neighborhood health autonomy look like? - Malikia Johnson

Commitment, Governance, And Organizational Evolution, Interview with Washington Free Health Clinic - George Cheney 

Mutual Aid Clinic Developed After Hurricane Katrina, Interview with Common Ground Clinic - Ebony Gustave

From Surviving to Self-Healing: Interview with Kiva Centers - Megan McGee

Alternative Health Remedies - GEO Collective