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Keeping Atlanta fed through COVID-19

Since 2009, the latest incarnation of Food for Life has been providing food to the Atlanta community. The hub for Food for Life members is called the Teardown, which provides care and protection for marginalized groups in gentrified areas by educating people about their rights in moments of arrest and protesting gentrification, providing resources for survival. 

Initially, Food for Life would station their tables in the Edgewood neighborhood every week to give food to anyone who needed it. “It was just a group of punk kids,” said F4L member Earthworm, who I spoke with in front of Teardown on a Tuesday morning.  

As punk as they were, they started a much-needed source for food in Metro Atlanta, and eventually more came on board. They are used to providing food, but naturally, the pandemic changed things. Their new initiative, ATL Survival, was created specifically in response to the coronavirus, and their goal is to deliver as much food as possible without any physical contact.

Read the rest at Toward Freedom


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