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Surviving the Pandemic in Our ROC

Spring 2020 was upon us and plans were being made for the usual work of paving and tree maintenance when COVID-19 hit. Almost as quickly as we heard about the virus, Vermont’s Governor put us under a Stay Home, Stay Safe order. Little did we know that our lives were going to change as people were laid off, businesses and schools closed and the government mostly shut down. Folks were now at home and asked not to go out unless they absolutely had to. 

Our Maintenance Manager came up with Operation Community Watch to check on our residents. We split up the streets and called every resident to check on their family’s health and asked that they let us know if things change. We reached back out about a week later to our elderly neighbors to make sure they were still fine. The Board adopted a plan for our property management company to work with any resident having problems paying lot rent, and to waive late fees during the pandemic.

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