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Catalyzing worker co-ops & the solidarity economy

Formerly Incarcerated Women Launch Worker-Owned Food Business

“We were so excited about the fact we were going to cook our first meal together and people can taste it,” Bryant says. “That’s so exciting to me as a young black mom who was incarcerated. For my child to know that his mom was in a situation that felt like the end of the world and look at her now.”

They made jerk chicken strips and red beans and rice, with onions and peppers. It was a practice run, and they distributed that first set of warm meals out to friends and family — and got some feedback they used to improve their recipes.

“Ain’t no food going to go wasted here,” Bryant says. “Each day each of us will pick somewhere on the South Side or West Side and bring some food to people who need it.”

Bryant and Britt met while incarcerated, as were all five founding worker-owners of ChiFresh Kitchen.

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