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Catalyzing worker co-ops & the solidarity economy

Getting Through Economic Downturns Together [Webinar]

Thursday, May 14th from 2-4pm PST/ 4-6pm CST/ 5-7pm EST

What is an economic downturn, and how have our people responded? What can we learn from their stories of resisting and building that apply to us in this moment? Join solidarity economy historians and organizers to get grounded in the ways our ancestors built and resisted, and begin to strategize how mutualism and cooperation might apply in our communities during times of economic crisis and pandemic.

PeoplesHub Circle gathers together to hear from guests Dr. Jessica Gordon-Nembhard, George Lakey, and Anne E. Price about their own work and case studies of how movements have responded to economic downturns through history. Then stay on for a participatory clinic to build relationships and connect to each of our communities.

After the Circle we will go deeper with four workshops. This workshop series is open to both longtime and new solidarity economy organizers. We’ll break out into groups based on experience so that all can participate!

Read the rest and register for the webinar at PeoplesHub


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