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Passing the Torch at Magic

During our lifetimes we’ve observed founders grooming potential future generations of leaders including us. Today David, 73, is stepping back. Jeff, 63, Robin, 52, and Hilary, 51, are transitioning to senior leadership.

Their ascendance is having a cascading effect. Andrew, 30, has lived at Magic for almost a decade, half of it as a fellow. He now coordinates

community members in making labor contributions, something formerly in Hilary’s domain. A youthful Gen-Z cohort—Harper, 15; we, Jen and Hilary, 20—who’ve been growing into leadership from an early age also are finding new opportunities.

Though David remains active and others still seek his counsel, we often hear him say, “This is your decision; you’ll live with consequences far longer than I.” Implicit in such letting go is trust in younger Magicians’ competence and in our desire to ensure his well-being.

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