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Catalyzing worker co-ops & the solidarity economy

Starting A Cooperative Platform: 10 Questions We Answered

We don’t have a team like a traditional startup. We have people with varying levels of commitment ranging from full time dedication, developers committing nights and weekends, and an orbit of advisors and mentors – all unified around our mission of making music more equitable for artists. Very few of us have been a member of any cooperative. Some of us have started companies before, but none of us have started a co-op. 

Early on, I reflexively wanted to retain a co-op focused lawyer as quickly as possible to help guide us through this process. However, we ended up delaying an engagement with a lawyer for several months. This was partially due to us wanting to prioritize dedicating our early resources towards building our product, but also because we wanted more time to consider some important questions that would inform the organization’s structure. In that time, over the course of several months, we went through several iterations of how ownership & governance at Ampled would be designed.

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