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Catalyzing worker co-ops & the solidarity economy

New Fund Pays People To Write About Coops In Wikipedia

I have started a simple platform cooperative to fund this sort of outreach, which works in the following way:

- Members pay 1$/month to join.
- They democratically request and prioritise articles and distribute the money to the members who have created content about coops to Wikipedia. 
- Members get a 20$ for writing their first article requested by the coop. I have donated 100$ to the fund to pay for the first 5 members for their first article.

 The group is organised through Loomio, a digital tool for group democratic decision making developed by a worker cooperative. The funds are collected through Open Collective, an alternative to Patreon, hosted by Platform6 cooperative.

This does not conflict with Wikipedia rules, as long as every participant displays their membership in their user page and the editing is done in a considerate way. 

Research shows that discussion of cooperatives was common in early twentieth century economics textbooks, but is virtually absent from their modern counterparts. This is despite cooperatives playing more important role in the economy than they did in the past. One way to tackle this lack of visibility in text books is making sure that articles in Wikipedia about economics discuss cooperatives.

Read the rest at Coop Exchange


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