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Catalyzing worker co-ops & the solidarity economy

A Brief Introduction to DisCOs

Harnessing the potential of the blockchain while addressing its deficits, DiSCOs prototype and permit tailoring of the Distributed Cooperative Organization (DisCO) Governance Model originally developed for Guerrilla Translation, a radical translation collective/cooperative and the first pilot project for DisCOs. These initial DisCO experiences can be greatly amplified to make DAO technologies accessible to common people, cooperators and the economically disadvantaged, breaking the monopoly of a white/male tech elite’s involvement and benefit.

DisCOs are distributed cooperatives based on the original seven cooperative principles, but cooperatives have their shortcomings. The seven DisCO principles build on the existing cooperative tradition, as well as Platform and Open Cooperativism to arrive at a series of guidelines for highly efficient, socially and environmentally-oriented organizations.

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