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Recognizing the Rights of Nature

Fifty years dedicated to studying, writing, creating, promoting and serving as an international networker have made Coyote Alberto Ruz a first-line pioneer, a veteran and an historian of the intentional communities, ecovillage and bioregionalist movements. In the last seven years he has dedicated most of his time to organizing global, local and national campaigns for an Earth Jurisprudence, recognizing Mother Earth as a living being with rights of her own.   

In 2016, together with a team of eco activists, artists and institutions, Coyote organized the First International Forum for the Rights of Mother Earth in Mexico City, an event that produced the first Article in the city´s Constitution recognizing the rights of Nature, an effort that inspired a Second International Forum in Sao Paulo, Brazil in 2018, and more recently the Third International Forum in Bogotá, Colombia, in June 2019.

For the last four years, Coyote, as part of a strategy to which he has committed the rest of his life, has been taking these activities to Europe, as well, especially to Italy, Spain and Switzerland, delivering the Universal Declaration of the Rights of Mother Earth to the mayors of more than 25 cities in Italy, including to Pope Francisco at the Vatican.  

Chiara Lionello contacted Coyote Alberto in this last tour and arranged for this interview, which was published in the Italian magazine “Vicini” from Turin. We share the English translation by Antonio Giachetti.

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