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Catalyzing worker co-ops & the solidarity economy

Designing the Agricultural Cooperatives of the Future

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Location: Minneapolis (November 8) – Austin (November 11)

Designing the Agricultural Cooperatives of the Future: a Co-Creation Project Engaging College and University Students, State Farmers Unions and Co-op Development Experts.  These half day events will bring together students, young adults, experienced farmers, agricultural workers and industry representatives to find innovative and creative solutions to the challenges faced by the agricultural sector and how cooperatives can mitigate and avert some of the challenges identified.

Join us for this interactive and immersive event to identify problems, brainstorm solutions and determine an appropriate plan of action. Following the sessions, you can continue to work with us and our partners to implement the cooperative based solutions that you have been identified.

In order to ensure various groups and organizations are involved, please complete the application below.

Apply to attend here


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