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The Washington Homecare Model

Circle of Life Co-op Logo

Circle of Life Caregiving Cooperative based in Bellingham, WA and serving Whatcom County came into existence 10 years ago. It was the first care giving co-op in Washington and created what has become the model for home care co-ops in the state.

As the Co-op’s website points out, Circle of Life, like the other home care co-ops in Washington has largely followed a “top-down” model of organizing. Activists in the community pitched the idea and then found willing caregivers to take the plunge. In cases such as Peninsula Homecare, the champions showed up quickly and leapt at the chance–other projects have had a bit tougher climb. In any event, CoL’s model has worked and there are now four caregiving co-ops in the state with a couple more in pre-development  stage.

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