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Catalyzing worker co-ops & the solidarity economy

Register For GEO's Friday Session at ECWD!

ADWC V: Strengthening Peer-to-Peer Organizing in the Worker Cooperative Movement

9:00 AM - 5:00 PM; Lunch Included

At GEO's fifth conference of Advancing the Development of Worker Cooperatives (ADWC), our theme is, "Strengthening Peer to Peer Organizing in the Worker Cooperative Movement." We will focus on worker-owners sharing best practices and lessons learned from volunteer peer to peer support. The information we have been gathering from grassroots efforts around the US and internationally, affirms that building a strong Peer to Peer Network may be a necessary requirement to encourage the interest and growth of worker cooperatives, especially democratic and/or self-managing worker cooperatives. Our preliminary research has indicated that direct peer to peer organizing strengthens and deepens education, best practices, worker-owner agency, and mutual support in the movement, in critical ways that third-party mediations do not. We hope to bring together worker-owners who are doing great local work, often as volunteers, to facilitate peer learning and participation, cross training and creative learning, and policy work with city governments and nonprofits to hash out best practices and learn from each other. The hope is that the outcome will support existing p2p activity and catalyze more such activity, to further strengthen worker cooperatives across the country.

Register by Friday, October 11th


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