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Catalyzing worker co-ops & the solidarity economy

CoopCon 2019: A Better Economy is One That We Own

COOPCON 2019 logo.

The Cooperative Conference (CoopCon) will build momentum for current and future cooperative leaders to start and actively participate in localized, grassroot cooperatives by providing a foundational, energizing and hands-on education about cooperatives. The 150 attendees will be farmers, entrepreneurs, community organizers and cooperative members from Wisconsin and the surrounding states.
As a group of cooperative members and cooperative organizers, we will create a learning experience to turn ideas into action, connect cooperative leaders with one another, and provide time, space, and community to investigate cooperative principles.

We recognize that the cooperative ownership model has the ability to address most of society’s economic injustices by creating a means for broad, democratic ownership and localized economic solutions. We recognize there are many types of cooperatives and the structure can apply to businesses and organizations in every industry and facet of society. By providing the time and space to examine cooperative ideas with others, we will build momentum for cooperative development in our communities.

Visit the CoopCon 2019 website

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