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Catalyzing worker co-ops & the solidarity economy

Webinar: Worker Co-ops as a Solution to Retaining Local Farms

Moderator: Cameron Ottello (CCCD)
Guest Speakers: Joaquin Jimenez (Rancho San Benito Farm/Half Moon Bay City Council), Liya Schwartzman (California FarmLink), Lucy O'Dae (Flying V Farm)

This webinar will be presented simultaneously in both English and Spanish

The workshop will focus on keeping local family farms in local hands and continuous production by allowing retiring farmers to sell their farm to farmers who will own and cultivate the land using the worker cooperative model. Cooperative ownership can address the high cost of farmland and allow farms to remain locally owned and farmed.

Este taller se centrará en mantener las granjas familiares locales en manos locales y producción continua al permitir que los agricultores que se jubilan vendan su granja a los agricultores que poseerán y cultivarán la tierra utilizando el modelo de cooperativa de trabajadores. La propiedad cooperativa puede hacer frente al alto costo de las tierras agrícolas y permitir que las granjas sigan siendo propiedad y granjas locales.

Register for the webinar on Zoom / Inscríbase en el seminario web en Zoom


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