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Webinar: Common Legal Issues in Community

Not creating a solid legal foundation for your intentional community can be a recipe for heartbreak. But navigating the law can be tough for inexperienced communities. 

Thankfully, our facilitator Clifford Paulin Esq. has been advising communities on the legal aspects of community living for 15 years. Join us for a 1-hour bird’s eye view of legal topics to consider when starting, maintaining, or reforming a community.

Strong and responsive legal agreements within communities are key to both their long-term success and maintaining healthy relationships between community members. Learn about some of the most common legal issues that communities face and what you need to be prepared for them in this FREE webinar.

Key outcomes of this webinar:

  • And understanding of the critical legal topics in intentional community
  • What to ensure is in your governing documents
  • How to evaluate different choices of legal form

Register for the webinar at Foundation for Intentional Community


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