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Catalyzing worker co-ops & the solidarity economy

The Truths and Myths of Cooperatives

This week on The Encrypted Economy, our guest is Greg Brodsky, founder of Start.Coop. Greg joins us to discuss worker cooperatives and Start.Coop’s mission to empower entrepreneurs by supporting the formation of sustainable and transformative organizations...

Topics Covered:
· Introduction
· Greg’s Background
· Start.Coop’s Role In Creating Successful Co-ops
· How is Ownership Distributed in Tech Co-ops?
· Deconstructing Ampled
· Outside Investment for Cooperatives
· Criteria for Start.Coop Applicants
· Truisms of Co-ops
· Addressing the Founder Incentive Problem
· Distinguishing Between an Ownership and Business Model to Applicants
· Are Co-op’s Inherently a Social Good?

Listen to the podcast at The Encrypted Economy


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