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Tell REI: Negotiate a Contract with Your Workers by the End of 2024!

We are the green vests of the REI Union, and we need your help demanding that Co-op leadership negotiate a fair contract NOW.  

We’ve been trying to negotiate a contract with REI since 2022, but the company has been dragging its feet for years. We’ve filed over 80 instances of unfair labor practice charges against the company for their pattern of bad-faith bargaining, but it’s time we march on REI’s corporate offices and call on the company to reach a deal.

We need your help holding REI to it’s values. If you think that REI’s union-busting behavior and refusal to negotiate is unacceptable - let the company know how you feel! 

Follow the steps on this page to email REI and tell them you stand behind green vests fighting for a strong union contract. Adding your voice to today’s action helps show REI how much members value workers having a voice in shaping the Co-op.

Read the rest and support the campaign

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